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Strategic Documents


The United States Navy continues to be at the front line of our nation’s efforts to deter aggression and protect our national security. Operating forward across the globe, we must be prepared for any contingency.

The fiscal challenges we face have become a way of life, as is keeping pace with the rapidly changing landscape across the globe. Our institutional ability to thrive in this environment relies heavily on being both agile and flexible enough to stay ahead of our adversaries. We must design and build our capabilities and capacity to balance the rapidly evolving technology of tomorrow, with the readiness and modernization needs of today.

Today’s battle space is becoming increasingly complicated. Our ability to secure the information and data we create and use every day, from our foundational systems to those that operate our ships, platforms and weapons, is absolutely critical. Increasing cyber threats necessitate significant cultural and organizational changes. Cybersecurity is an “All Hands on Deck” effort that has become our fourth Mission Priority in this second edition of the Strategic Business Plan.

The NAVSEA Commander's Intent contains the following three Mission Priorities, each of which are supported by Focus Areas and Objectives.Strategic Framework graphic

The Mission Priorities are:

• On Time Delivery of Ships and Submarines

• Culture of Affordability
• Cybersecurity 

It is imperative all of us understand our roles in this plan, how our everyday work contributes to our future success, and how we work together towards achieving our vision. We must remember the success of the Navy starts and ends with the ships we service and produce.

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