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Strategic Documents

NAVSEA employs more than 86,600 (as of 1 Aug 2022) Department of the Navy civilians and active duty military member in its mission to design, build, modernize, maintain, and arm today’s Navy. With facilities and personnel across the country and around the globe, the command’s operations have a significant impact on fleet readiness, with about 40 percent of the Navy’s ships and systems under NAVSEA cognizance at any given time.

“As a nation and as a Navy, we are being challenged in ways we have not been in many years,” said Galinis. “The renewal of Great Power Competition with China and Russia has fundamentally changed the conversation with respect to the strategic defense of our country and allies. One thing that remains unchanged however, is that the U.S. Navy protects America’s interests at home and abroad. It protects these interests and provides stability around the world by operating forward. The cornerstone of our Navy’s capability and success to operate forward is in its ships and submarines.”

Galinis said his Campaign Plan 3.0 builds on the foundation of Campaign Plan 2.0 and the work of the combined NAVSEA workforce. It flows directly from the CNO’s Navigation Plan and its focus areas of Readiness, Capabilities, Capacity and Sailors in our continued efforts to Expand the Advantage. Campaign Plan 3.0 focuses on three mission priorities:

*   Deliver Combat Power: On-Time Delivery of Combat-Ready Ships, Submarines and Systems

*   Transform our Digital Capability

*   Build a Team to Compete and Win

These priorities provide the focus for executing missions in support of the Navy and ensure NAVSEA capabilities are postured for an unpredictable future.  The five core principles of Technical Competence, Leadership Competence, Reliability, Affordability and Agility underscore NAVSEA’s mission and represent the attributes that guide our decision-making and operational behavior.

“What we do is not easy,” Galinis advised his workforce this week.  “Campaign Plan 3.0 outlines what we will do better, what we will do faster, and how we will sharpen our edge. The importance of the work we do, and the responsibilities entrusted to our / your NAVSEA team should never be taken lightly. We all need to understand and embrace the requirement to earn our Navy’s trust every day.”


Campaign Plan to Expand the Advantage 3.0

CAMPAIGN PLAN 3.0Strategic Framework graphic