To protect Naval interests and the public by providing explosives and ordnance safety expertise, policy, oversight and knowledge transfer.  As the DON Technical Authority for the Weapons and Explosives Safety Program, our responsibilities span the lifecycle of weapons systems, ordnance and explosives including ordnance environmental support. 





DON Explosives Safety

- Provides technical guidance, policy recommendations, and oversight of ordnance storage and transportation systems.

Weapons Systems Safety/Joint Programs

- Performs reviews of combat systems through the following review board and panels:
    • Weapon System Explosives Safety Review Board
    • Software System Safety Technical Review Panel
    • Fuze and Initiation System Technical Review Panel
    • Technical Review Panel

Navy Ordnance Environmental Support

- Serves as the Navy's primary technical authority for ordnance environmental issues.

Weapons Assessment

- Provides technical guidance, policy recommendations, and reviews on electromagnetic effects to ordnance, insensitive munitions, and hazard classifications to enable the safe transport and storage of ammunition, explosives, and related components.

Shipboard Weapons Integration

- Identifies safety-critical areas of integration and recommend affordable design measures that minimize the residual risk ultimately presented to the operational forces and serves as the single point of contact for coordinating weapons integration issues/efforts to reduce explosive mishap risk associated with ordnance handling, stowage, and transportation in the Fleet.





Influence Navy culture by intergrating
ordnance safety and ordnance environmental
compliance throughout the weapons
systems and explosives lifecycle.

Integrate and communicate  NOSSA's
expertise into evolving mission require-
ments by providing a technically competent
and diverse work force.

Optimize and adapt resources, processes,
and partnerships to yield risk-based
decisions for the Naval force.



WarFighting Focus
We establish and uphold standards to safeguard and mentor our Naval force

We adhere to sound ethical practices

We value diversity of thought and work together toward a common goal

We exercise professional acumen to accomplish our mission



- Ensure accountability and auditability of resources is inherent in the execution of the mission.
- Integrate knowledge management in all aspects of the mission.
- Identify and implement weapons and explosives safety requirements early and throughout the lifecycle.

- Assess and validate weapons policies, methodologies, and technologies in coordination with the DON, DoD, and allied partners.
- Develop criteria, provide guidance, and monitor compliance throughout the Naval enterprise.
- Support safe transport and secure storage of arms, ammunition & explosives (AA&E).
- Assess and integrate Navy-wide environmental compliance with explosives safety requirements.

Captain David K. Blauser, Commander, NOSSA

Captain David K. Blauser, USN
Commanding Officer
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