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Living in Bahrain

Live the experience of a lifetime! The commercial and cultural hub of the Middle East, living in Bahrain presents a unique opportunity that can’t be duplicated stateside or anywhere else. As a USCS employee working overseas, you have a rare opportunity to take advantage of living and working in such a unique part of the world!

Bahrain is a modern and safe country. Living in this cosmopolitan and tolerant middle eastern destination is an unparalleled opportunity to experience a remarkable culture first hand. From appreciating the growing art and foodie scene in Manama to exploring the ancient archeological sites nearby, once you set foot in Bahrain, you’ll realize you’re in a special place. The mix of diverse cultures, long and storied history and Middle Eastern cuisine combine to provide the experience of a lifetime. Whether you’re a traveler wanting to use Bahrain as your gateway to experience the region or content to explore your surroundings closer to home, Bahrain provides an opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else.

Why not experience Bahrain? Serving in the ship maintenance community in Bahrain affords you both the opportunity of a lifetime and the experience of a lifetime! Broaden your horizons to not only ‘Globalize Your Career,’ but to ‘Globalize Your Life!’

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