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Medical Care


Civilians are not typically seen at the U.S. Naval Branch Health Clinic Bahrain on-base so you’ll most likely be seeing one of the providers listed in the next, off-base section. The U.S. Naval Branch Health Clinic Bahrain on base is the most forward deployed clinic of U.S. Naval Hospital Sigonella, Italy and responsible for providing care to Naval Support Activity Bahrain, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, Commander Fifth Fleet, and 91 tenant commands, providing medical support to more than 12,000 fleet Sailor, Marines, and other DoD personnel operating in the Central Command theater. All inpatient care is provided by local, host nation facilities and must be coordinated by the TRICARE/ Health Benefits Office. The base clinic does not provide emergency services but does work closely with local hospitals. In case of an emergency, US citizens in Bahrain are directed to find their closest emergency services or dial 999 for an ambulance. On base you can call 439-4911.

U.S. Naval Branch Health Clinic Bahrain Phone Numbers
DSN 439-4260
From Off Base 1785-4260
From U.S. +973 1785 4260
Tricare Nurse Advice Line 8000-0453
NBHC OOD 3941-9651

PSC 851 Box 340
FPO AE 09834-0004
Manama, Bahrain

Naval Branch Health Clinic Bahrain Facebook Page
Services Available at U.S. Naval Branch Health Clinic Bahrain


Hospitals and major clinics are open 24 hours a day and usually operate on a first come, first serve basis. All cities and major towns have at least one modern hospital and usually several others with highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment. English is frequently used in private hospitals, where many staff and most patients are foreign. Visit the links provided for information about various local hospitals that offer care in the area:

King Hamad University Hospital
Royal Bahrain Hospital
Bahrain Specialist Hospital

All emergent and complicated cases in the region go to: Bahrain Defense Force Hospital

Salmaniya Medical Complex Hospital is also another widely used hospital in the region but unfortunately, they do not have a website.

Civilians are recommended to bring all their medications before relocating to Bahrain. Over the counter medicine is available at the pharmacies in Bahrain, all of which are managed by Nurse Practitioners.

Visit TRICARE Overseas Provider Search for information about doctors and area hospitals. (This is a good resource for those with or without TRICARE coverage)

The U.S. Embassy Bahrain Medical Assistance webpage is another helpful webpage for looking up health providers in the area.


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