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Pet Care

You decided to bring your pet with you on your journey to Bahrain and have already taken care of the costs of shipping and chipping your furry friend (see the NSA Welcome to Bahrain Guide if you need more information on getting your pet to Bahrain). A big question once you arrive is, how do you care for your pet while you are there? The following section provides information on vet clinics and pet hotels.

For such a small place, there are quite a few options when it comes to taking care of your pet while in Bahrain. For veterinary clinics, the on-base clinic is operated by the Army — and that information is listed below. We’ve also listed off-base options. As you can see, there are many clinics/animal hospitals within a short distance available to be of service.


The U.S. Army Veterinary Command is responsible for Department of Defense installation support including Food Safety and Defense, Military Working Dog animal care, and family pet care.

NSA Veterinary Clinic Bahrain Facebook Page
NSA Bahrain Veterinary Clinic


Advance Veterinary Clinic
Dr Ahmed A Azeim DVM (ECFVG/AVMA Certified)
State of the art veterinary medicine, American Board-Certified surgeon.
Villa 158, Ave 66, Blaock 362, Bilad Al Qadeem
Phone 1727 1003
Emergency 362- 0210
Website www.avcbh.com
Facebook @avcbahrain

Al Ahli Animal Health Centre
Dr Jaffar Eskafy
Animal Clinic and Cat Boarding
Building 1899, Rd 4637, Block 646 (near Sitra)
Phone 17622102

Animal Care Clinic (by appointment)
Dr Barri Hamid/ Dr Ahmed Hassan / Dr Hend Abo Eta
Building 2241B, Road 90, Hamala Block 1014
Phone 1761 2459
Emergency 3635 9358

Awal Veterinary Center
Preventative medicine, diagnosis, surgery, lab, x-ray, ultrasound imagery, dentistry, grooming, swimming pool for training/physiotherapy
Building 529, Block 357, Road 2911, Almarkh (near to American Mission Hospital and behind Sar Mosque)
Phone 1779 1097
Emergency 3911 2205
Website awalvc.weebly.com
Facebook @awalvets

Bahrain Veterinary Centre (house calls by appointment)
PO Box 82474, Building 1697-B, Block 505, Road 85, Budaiya Highway, Maqabah
Phone 1769 2221
Emergency 3930 0733
Website www.bahrainvet.com
Facebook @BahrainVeterinaryCentre

Charis Vets
Dr Hansel Geo Thomas / Veterinary Clinic / Equine Services / House Visits
BSPCA Animal Welfare Centre, Building 2400, Road 5156, Block 951, Askar
Phone 1310 6800
Website www.charisvets.com
Facebook @charisvets

Dr Nonie Coutts
Fully equipped Veterinary Hospital / Orthopaedic, Ophthalmic, and General Surgery with European and MRCVS Veterinary Surgeons and RVN qualified nurses / Cattery / Grooming
House 334, Road 912, Block 309, Salmaniya Avenue
Phone 1724 5515
Website www.noniecoutts.com
Facebook @drnonie

Eman Veterinary Clinic
Dr Eman Jassim, DVM (USA Licensed Veterinarian), specializing in outpatient veterinary care for cats, dogs, rabbits, pet birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, and turtles by appointment.
#156 Abdulla Center, Road 3306, Block 933, East Riffa (behind the Oasis Mall and behind the gas station)
Phone 3944 2216
Website emanvetclinic.wixsite.com/emanvetclinic
Facebook @emanvetclinic

Four Paws Veterinary Clinic
Fully equipped lab, homeopathy treatment, house calls, dental care, surgery and inpatient care, x-ray and ultrasound, grooming
Villa 1845, Road 3747, Umm Al Hassam
Phone 1776 4757
Emergency 3212 5553
Facebook @fourpawsvetbh

House Veterinary Centre Medicine (HoVM)
Shop 1337-D, Rd 4434, Block 243, Arad, Muharraq
Phone 1720 0075 / 3399 4709

Tails Veterinary Centre
Small pet animal clinic, dealing with exotics, reptiles, aquatic animals and birds. European standards for general surgery, internal medicine, orthopaedics, traumatology, radiology and dermatology.
Villa 799, Road 3315, Block 333, Um Al Hassam, Manama
Phone 7711 3334
Emergency 6633 4537
Facebook @TailsVeterinaryCentre

Pet-sitting/pet hotels
In addition to clinics, there are quite a few pet hotels/pet-sitting groups that can help watch your pet in case you need to escape for a vacation and don’t have anyone to take care of him or her. These services are listed below.

SAAR Kennels
Bed & Biscuits
Bahrain pet, cat, dog boarding, walking, grooming
Bahrain Pet Sitting (Facebook Public Group)


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