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National Parks & Zoos

Parks and Aquariums

Public Parks
Bahrain has a growing number of public urban parks where you can enjoy the outdoors. They are perfect for a family fun day out with a picnic or simply a healthy stroll. Most parks have plenty of shaded areas and some are packed with greenery. They are often cooler than the vicinity and therefore pleasant places to spend time. Many have playgrounds for children and even sports fields that can be used without a fee. The facilities available in each park vary and this app can help you plan visits according to your interests: BahrainParks.org App

Al Areen Wildlife Park and Preserve
This is the home of wildlife in Bahrain, where plant and animal species have been protected and taken care of for over 30 years! Enjoy the sights of different animals, birds, and desert plants in their natural environment. Take a walk around the park and get close to unique birds that wander freely around you. Or take a bus tour in the reserve and get up close to many endangered animals including the Arabian Leopard, Ostrich, Arabian Gazelle, Oryx, and others. Additional suggestions for your visit are available through Bahrain MWR or the webpage: Al Areen Wildlife Park and Preserve

The Dolphin Resort, Bahrain
In addition to dolphin shows and having the chance to swim with the dolphins, you can visit beluga whales and sea lions. There are also carnival rides and a video game area. For more information, visit: The Dolphin Resort, Bahrain

Amusement Parks

Lost Paradise Water Park
Bahrain’s biggest water park, Lost Paradise of Dilmun contains 77,000 square meters of water park fun. Each aspect of the park is based upon the history of the Dilmun Period, reflected by unique stone sculptures and architecture. Over 18 slides and attractions combine with the theme to create a desert oasis and garden of paradise for guests to enjoy! For more information, visit: Lost Paradise Water Park

Adhari Park
Named after the historic freshwater spring known as Ain Adhari, this amusement park features eight indoor and outdoor rides, themed areas (Discovery Village, Groovy Town, Sports Camp), live entertainment, restaurants, and coffee shops. For more information, visit: Adhari Park

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