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Mass Transit

Getting Around by Bus
A fleet of over 140 red buses, featuring air-conditioning, comfy seating, disabled facilities and more, provide services across an expanded route. The fares work on a zonal system and smartcards (the GO card) have launched to make travel easier and eco-friendlier. Bus fares are inexpensive, and the routes can be accessed online.

For more information on the bus system in Bahrain, please visit: Bahrain Public Transport Company

Taking a Taxi
There are multiple taxi companies which you can call to schedule a pick-up, or you can get into a local cab at designated areas. But, be aware that prices can be steep, even for short trips. Taxis have separate fares during the day and the night. The taxis have a sticker with fares outlined in the rear window.

App-Based Car Services
Uber drivers provide the Island of Bahrain with an alternative option to taxi services. Whether you’re going to Bahrain International Airport to catch a flight or in need of a ride home from a night out, Uber drivers are plentiful throughout Bahrain.

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