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Civilian Opportunities

FDRMC Bahrain is a detachment and part of a larger network of ship repair facilities with an emphasis on ship repair work in the Middle East and surrounding areas. Because of this, we operate in a more limited capacity than a typical stateside shipyard or regional maintenance center.

Below is a list of codes at FDRMC Bahrain and general job description within each code:

Code 130 (QUALITY ASSURANCE) – Conducts various inspections, chemical analysis and mechanical testing, quality audits and compliance checks. Trends quality deficiencies to preempt serious problems and improve processes and programs.

Code 200 (ENGINEERING) – Provides engineering services, planning services, HM&E Fleet Technical assistance, Combat Systems Fleet Technical Assistance, logistics support, technical data and library services, work control, testing for projects, and technical authority for ship modernization, maintenance and repair efforts within the 5th and 6th Fleet Areas of Responsibility (AOR). Technical assistance provided to 5th Fleet ships via distance or on-board support.

Code 300 (WATERFRONT OPERATIONS) – Ensures the safe, satisfactory, timely, and economical accomplishment of all SRF assigned maintenance and modernization work in keeping the Fleet operationally ready through management of ship maintenance projects, planning, continuous maintenance, and voyage repair.

Code 500 (FLEET LOGISTICS CENTER INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT and INVENTORY MGMT) – Personnel from Fleet Logistics Center, Bahrain along with DET Bahrain logisticians provide logistics support required to “Fix ships” in both the 5th and 6th Fleet AORs.

Code 600 (FINANCE) – Responsible for budget formulation and execution, financial accounting, contract and vendor payment, civilian and Bahraini National pay.

Code 900 (PRODUCTION) – Responsible for the safe, satisfactory, timely, and economical accomplishment of all assigned maintenance and modernization work in keeping the FIFTH Fleet operationally ready.

Code 970 (DIVE) – Responsible for the evaluation, repair, and testing of failed underwater shipboard systems and surfaces.

Code 1100 (CORPORATE OPERATIONS) – Responsible for the organization, implementation, and administration of all Administrative Services within DET Bahrain, including security, civilian and military manpower, and general trainings. Responsible for installation, maintenance and security of all information systems, software and technologies. Provides access and training for all users of information systems.

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