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The climate of Naples is Mediterranean, with mild and rainy winters, along with hot and sunny summers. The average temperature of January and February is about 48°F, while July and August is about 75°F.

Rainfall is quite abundant, averaging about 40 inches per year. To put that in perspective, the state of Washington and Virginia average about 40 inches per year. The wettest season is autumn (September-November), followed by the winter months (December-February).

In summer the rains are rare, and typically occur in the form of downpour or thunderstorm.

The city is exposed to the south-west wind (“libeccio”), which leads to mild and rainy days, but also to the north wind (“tramontana”), which brings a bit of cold, clouds and some rain. On summer afternoons, the breeze blows from the sea.

Winter: December to February is relatively cool and rainy.

Spring: March to May is generally mild and gets nicer as summer comes near. Cool and rainy weather gradually becomes rare while nice, temperate weather becomes more frequent.

Summer: June to August is hot and sunny with temperatures occasionally hitting highs of 95-100 °F.

Autumn: September to November starts off warm with the occasional hot day. Toward the end of fall, cold days become more frequent bringing on the start of winter.

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