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Dental care is available at the Naval Hospital at the Support Site. The dental clinic provides a range of dental services. Priority for treatment is highest for active duty and active duty family members, then retirees, family members of retirees, and DoD civilians, in that order. Appointments may be limited due to staffing constraints. For appointments, call DSN 629-6007.

DoD civilians and their family members are eligible for “space available care.” Federal law makes DoD civilians INELIGIBLE for prosthodontics and orthodontics, even if treatment was started prior to receipt of their job assignment to Naples. A fee for treatment, as determined by DoD, is charged for all dental work and services rendered to DoD civilians. Space availability is extremely limited for DoD civilians and their family members, and it is strongly recommended that all dental treatment be completed prior to arrival in the Naples area.

USNH Naples
PSC 827 Box 1000
FPO, AE 09617
***Dental clinic is located on the ground floor

Quarterdeck: 011-39-081-811-6155/56
DSN: 629-6007/08
Dental Clinic: 081-811-6007/08

USNH Naples Dental Clinic
CNIC USNH Naples Medical/Dental Page

Off-base Italian facilities offer high quality care similar to that of an American dental practice. Below are links to some Naples area dental clinic. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. See your sponsor or call USNH Naples for specific recommendations.

Bianchi Dental Studios
Odontoiatria San Paolo


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