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Area Orientation (AO)
With your arrival into Naples, one of the first things you’ll go through at your new duty station will be the Naples Area Orientation (AO). In an effort to make things efficient and convenient for newcomers, everything is centrally located at the Support Site during this orientation, except for a one-day field trip, during which transportation, guidance, and assistance are provided.

Check with your sponsor or the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) for the current Naples Area Orientation schedule. The first day of AO always starts on a Friday unless the rotator (MAC flight) is late. Then it will begin the next business day.

Below is a snapshot of what to expect during Area Orientation week:

  • Housing Essentials Brief: Economy/Government/BEQ
  • School Liaison Officer
  • TRICARE Preparation Brief
  • Legal
  • Postal/Personal Property
  • Motor Vehicle Registration (MVRO)
  • TRICARE/Medical and Dental Check-in
  • Fire Prevention
  • Operation Preparedness
  • Emergency Management Disaster Prep
  • MVRO AFI Driver’s License Test
  • Navy Exchange
  • FFSC Services/Ombudsman
  • Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR)
  • Environmental
  • Security/Anti-Terrorism Brief
  • Sojourner Application Processing
  • Intercultural Relations (ICR) Class

Intercultural Relations
The FFSC staff offers Intercultural Relations (ICR) classes for newcomers in conjunction with Area Orientation. This two-day class helps participants understand and adapt to the Italian culture by learning basic Italian phrases and customs, how to use local transportation, shopping tips and dining information. All of which helps newcomers overcome the culture shock they may experience from living in a new country. The second day consists of a field trip to help familiarize participants with the city of Naples, the public transportation system, and the wonderful Italian culture.

FFSC offers a variety of follow-up classes to promote participation in the local culture, such as “How to Make Limoncello,” “Hand Gestures,” “How to Make Italian Desserts,” “Easy Italian,” and many more.

For more information, visit: Fleet and Family Support Center Naples

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