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Mass Transit

For the first-time visitor, the Naples public transport system can at first seem fragmented and relatively daunting. Once you settle in however and learn how things run, you’ll find the Naples public transportation system to be a useful part of everyday life in this new city.

Naples has an extensive public transit network, one of the biggest in Italy, serving more than 4 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. This highly developed public transportation system encompasses buses, trolleys, subway and commuter trains, long-distance trains, cable cars, taxis, ferries, hydrofoils, and airplanes. There are also suburban and long-distance services, but these generally do not run as often or go as many places.

Unfortunately, most of Naples public transport is operated by multiple companies. Thankfully, these options are regulated by a single organization called Unico Campania. Unico Campania regulates fares and provides integrated multi-journey passes. It also provides transport maps and general information for the entire city.

Public transportation is not usually a viable home-to-work option for the Americans who live in the suburbs, but can be very useful for off-duty recreational travel.

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