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Forward Deployed Regional Maintenance Center (FDRMC) was established on 30 June 2014 at Naval Support Activity, Naples, Italy. It was established to meet the Navy’s expanding need for Forward Deployed Naval Forces (FDNF) ship repair. Previously, elements of the command at Naples and Bahrain were detachments aligned to Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center. The command is administratively funded by U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFFC), but operationally aligned to Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) through Commander, Navy Regional Maintenance Center (CNRMC).

As an organization, FDRMC provides Contract Management Oversight (CMO) and government oversight for major and minor repair availabilities to Naval ships and craft in the FIFTH and SIXTH Fleet areas of responsibility (AORs). In addition, FDRMC provides Fleet Technical Assistance (FTA) to Naval ships and craft in the FIFTH and SIXTH Fleet AORs. With engineers and technicians available at all three locations, the command responds to ship casualties providing immediate distance support and if necessary dispatches a technician to provide on station support. If the capability or capacity is not available within the command, we coordinate with the Regional Maintenance Center (RMC) enterprise, Warfare Centers, or In-Service Engineering Agents (ISEAs).

In conjunction with teams from the RMC Enterprise, PSEs and Technicians from all three locations support the Total Ship Readiness Assessments (TSRA) for the ships homeported in the FIFTH and SIXTH Fleet AORs.

As previously stated, FDRMC provides Intermediate Level Maintenance (I-Level) to Naval ships and craft in the FIFTH and SIXTH Fleet areas of responsibilities. In Rota this is accomplished through the Spanish Navy’s Jefatura de Mantenimiento en los Arsenales de Cadiz (JEMANDIZ, their I-level facility), while our Bahrain detachment has established an organic I-level capability. Additionally, FDRMC provides diving and salvage coordination for underwater ship’s husbandry, hull cleaning, emergency ship salvage material, oil spill response, and contingency operations within the area of responsibilities.

Naples Operations

  1. Provides headquarters element support for the entire command. The Commanding Officer is based out of Naples, Italy, along with the Executive Director, Corporate Operations, and Comptroller organization. The headquarters element provides Human Resources (HR), Security, Training, Business Operations, Administrative, and Financial coordination and management for all FDRMC sites.
  2. Provides FDRMC lead for coordinating FTA to the FIFTH and SIXTH Fleet area of responsibilities, providing distance support and on-board assistance as needed. FTA is provided in response to emergent ship’s casualties to restore critical mission capabilities and functionality. The Operations Center works with Engineering Department (Code 200) by assigning Subject Matter Experts (SME) with unique skills and extensive experience to resolve systems and equipment casualties and provide assistance (and training) to Ship’s Force. When we do not have the organic capability or capacity for the task, we coordinate the work within the RMC Enterprise.
  3. Provides CMO for the planning and execution for Voyage Repair Availabilities (VRAVs) and Voyage Maintenance Availabilities (VMAVs) in 6th Fleet. The Waterfront Operations Department (Code 300) writes job specifications, develops work packages, coordinates with Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) for soliciting and awarding contracts, and provides on-scene contract management for performance of VRAVs and VMAVs. Quality Assurance Department (Code 130) reviews job specifications and contractor bids and qualifications prior to award of the contract as well as providing on-scene oversight of contracted work to ensure quality work standards are maintained.
  4. Provide FTA, maintenance support, and contract oversight for CNO Availabilities and Continuous Maintenance Availabilities (CMAVs) for Aegis Ashore. Support includes engineering, planning, assessment, and project management.

FDRMC Vision:
We will continue to ensure ships operating in the 5th and 6th fleets, are always ready to defend the American people and values.

FDRMC Core Values:
We serve our nation, our Navy, our fellow employees, and our families. Our people’s safety, security, and health are top priorities. We will personally support each other to achieve the mission and to take care of our people. To do so we must demonstrate our values of integrity, accountability, initiative, and toughness.

FDRMC Mission:

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