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Carney Park, located approximately 20 minutes from NSA Naples Capodichino, is used for sporting events and evening concerts.

Naples’ large student population guarantees a city with a vibrant nightlife, but it isn’t only the students who are out to have fun. There are numerous bars, restaurants, and cafes serving up a plethora of wine, beer, coffee, and assorted delicious Italian bites. Additionally, the piazzas around Naples are another place to enjoy the beautiful weather and a beverage, especially during the summer. Live music with anything from jazz to classical can be found throughout the city as well.

Unlike many Navy bases, for NSA Naples Support Site and Capodichino, nightlife does not exist within walking distance outside of the gates. NSA Naples Capodichino is attached to the Naples Commercial Airport, however, so it is easy to catch a taxi or ride the Alibus to downtown Naples which takes approximately 20-30 minutes. If you are leaving from the Support Site, it may take a bit longer and you will need to call the cab company in advance.

The streets of the historic center of Naples are numerous and very wide. Here you can spend an evening exploring the Neapolitan nightlife by foot. Piazza San Domenico is very popular with young people and students. There are numerous bars open at night and Neapolitan street-food is available and very tasty. Continuing on to Spaccanapoli in the direction of Piazza del Gesù nuovo, you will arrive at Piazza Bellini, an area frequented by international students, full of bars where you can sit and drink or take a beverage along on your evening walk.

For a quieter area, the Chiaia Riviera may interest you as you will find numerous places to eat late into the evening. Along the streets connected to Piazza San Pasquale, you can find numerous bars open almost until morning. Next to Chiaia Riviera is the Lungomare (seafront), here you can find many places to eat with sea views and numerous lounge bars. On the weekend, you can often peruse the many fairs and festivals that are put on in this neighborhood.

Gambrinus is Naples’ oldest and most venerable cafe, serving excellent Neapolitan coffee under flouncy chandeliers. Oscar Wilde knocked back a few here and Mussolini had some rooms shut to keep out left-wing intellectuals. Sit-down prices are steep, but the aperitivonibbles are decent and sipping a spritz or a luscious cioccolata calda (hot chocolate) in its belle-époque rooms is something worth savoring.

If you are looking for a livelier evening, clubs and nightclubs can be found that are open air during the warmer months or indoors depending on the season. Away from the city center, you’ll find the area of Bagnoli where there are several private facilities that are very popular on weekends.

The nightlife in the city of Naples truly has a little bit of everything for everyone.

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