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Medical Care

Admission to any hospital, no matter the location is always a cause for concern and can be a cause of stress and anxiety. When that admission takes place in a foreign country it can easily double the amount of stress and place an unneeded burden on the family. The vision of U.S. Naval Hospital (USNH) Naples is to provide every patient, no matter the ailment, with the highest degree of guidance, assistance and respect throughout any hospitalization experience in the Preferred Provider Network (PPN).

USNH Naples is a small, fully-functioning hospital with a dental clinic. It averages roughly 70,000 outpatients yearly along with between 400 and 500 admissions. Roughly 150 babies are born here yearly.

There are limitations on certain types of available specialty services that can be cared for within USNH Naples. As part of the TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP), the Defense Health Agency (DHA), TRICARE Area Office Europe-Asia (TAO-EA), the Managed Care Support Contractor (MCSC) as well as International SOS have established written agreements with local Italian health care providers and medical facilities to ensure the more complex needs of patients can be met in the area. Apart from cultural differences, Italian facilities offer high quality care similar to that of an American hospital.

USNH Naples
PSC 827 Box 1000
FPO, AE 09617

Directory: 081-811-6000
DSN: 629-6000
Emergency: 081-811-6150

USNH Naples
CNIC USNH Naples Page
USNH Naples Facebook

USCS workers and their families generally operate on a space available basis for appointments at USNH Naples. If you are unable to schedule a “space-a” appointment in a timely manner at USNH Naples, off-base Italian facilities offer high quality care similar to that of an American hospital. Below are links to some Naples area hospitals. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. See your sponsor or call USNH Naples Referral Management for specific recommendations.

Ospedale Cardarelli
The Hospital San Giovanni Bosco
Hospital Antonio Cardarelli
Ospedale Evangelico Villa Betania


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