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Education from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade is provided at the David Glasgow Farragut (DGF) Elementary and Middle/High Schools located near the housing area on base. School bus transportation is available for eligible students residing within the school commuting zone off-base and temporarily staying at the Navy Lodge on-base. Rota, Costa Ballena, Southern Chipiona and El Puerto de Santa Maria are included in the zone, but not all residences have bus stops close by. The Housing Welcome Center or the School Bus Office can provide further details.

It is the intention of the schools to provide the best possible education for students. The teachers are highly skilled, teaching materials are current and the staff is willing to serve and support the student population. In addition to grade level teachers, a nurse, counselor, school psychologist, librarian, and educational technologist are all available. In addition, host-nation teachers provide familiarity with the Spanish language, culture and traditions. The high school offers many extracurriculars including Student Council, Yearbook, Drama, Junior National Honor Society, Junior Student-2-Student Club, International Club. Rota’s high school also has many sports teams with competitions arranged with host nation and international schools in the area as well as other DoDDS schools in England, Germany and Italy.


Families may opt to utilize various private and public Spanish schools. If you live on-base, you are zoned exclusively to Rota schools. Off-base residents go to public schools in the city that they reside. If you choose a private school, there are three in El Puerto de Santa Maria and four in Jerez de la Frontera. You do not have to pay tuition for the public schools, but a point system will determine which school your child will attend (based on where you live, your income and family members already attending). Private school tuition is paid by the families.

It is not imperative for younger children to be fluent in Spanish. Younger children tend to pick up new languages quicker and ultimately learn both languages at the same time. Older children that are not already fluent in Spanish will often need a tutor to help them through their Spanish-taught curriculum. Since all courses are taught in Spanish, family support is vital for student success. An open enrollment Spanish school workshop is offered in February and a Space Available Spanish school workshop is offered in August. For help and assistance please reach out to our School Liaison Officer (SLO).

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