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On base family housing is currently limited due to several renovation projects. There are two, three and four bedroom homes on base primarily for officers and enlisted personnel. You can check with the housing office for availability, but most likely you will live off base. Within walking distance of the local beaches there are apartments, chalets with balconies and detached homes with fireplaces, courtyards and pools. Besides the local area in Rota, housing can also be found in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Chipiona, Sanlucar de Barrameda and Jerez. Living in one of these communities might provide greater privacy and more space. All personnel who reside off base will still process through the Housing Services Center (HSC).

The Housing Services Center offers a variety of services to assist newly arriving personnel who will live in the local community.

  • Rental properties
  • House hunting service
  • Furnishings
  • Full Tour Furnishings Program
  • DoD Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) assistance
  • Negotiating rental contracts and explaining the lease agreements

Homes.mil is an official Department of Defense (DoD) website that lists available homes in Rota and the surrounding areas.

In order to protect your interests at all times and as part of the procedures, you are strongly recommended to avoid making any commitments on properties prior to your arrival. This can be something as simple as asking a property manager, realtor or landlord to hold a property for you. Verbal agreements are binding in Spain and you can be held monetarily liable for any requests you make. Facebook can be a tool for familiarizing yourself with the area and types of homes available, but please be cautious about interaction with property managers through Facebook. Not all listings online may be legitimate.

For important information on housing availability and procedures please use the links provided:

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