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Dining in Spain


Many familiar American comfort foods can be enjoyed while on base in Rota. Enjoy places like Daily Dish, a restaurant that rotates through a weekly schedule of comfort foods (from spaghetti and meatballs on Monday to fish and chips on Friday), Pizza Villa Express, and Champion’s Bar; all three located in La Plaza. Also on-base are café.com, Grab & Go, and Pinz American Café. For the complete list and details of what each offers, click on the link below and then the DINING tab:
MWR Rota Spain


Rota is a great jumping off point for all the wonderful food Spain has to offer. Everything from small family-owned restaurants, to nightclubs, to beachside bars, Rota has a variety of cuisines and dining options available just outside the base gates.

When dining out it is important to know that, except in a few local restaurants, Spanish meal times differ greatly than in the U.S. In Spain a typical lunch begins around 2pm and can last until 4pm. Most restaurants don’t open for dinner until 8pm and on weekends and summer months restaurants can be very busy until after 11pm. The summer months are particularly busy during those peak hours as restaurants set up outdoor seating areas allowing customers to take advantage of the beautiful weather and late sunsets. Most restaurants are closed on Mondays.

The pace of life in Spain is very laid-back and the Spanish system still honors “siesta hours” which are generally between 2 and 5pm each day. Most shops and restaurants will be closed except for some bigger shopping centers. Another thing to keep in mind when dining out in Spain is they dress slightly more conservative than a typical American might be used to. Additionally, local customs include more affectionate greetings — it is not unusual to receive a kiss on each cheek from people you have never met before.

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