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Spaniards are known for enjoying late nights that go on into the early hours of the morning. Dinners often start late and linger even later into the evening with round after round of tapas (Spanish appetizers). The main area for nightlife in Rota is found in the center area of La Costilla, where there are plenty of restaurants and bars. On the other side of the docks at the Chorillo Beach area there are nightclubs where you can go dancing.

You can walk from the base into Rota, so there are plenty of American bars and clubs close by. During summer, the tourists are up every night, but in winter it feels like a quiet little town where it seems everyone knows everyone. Spain is a place you can stay out as late as you like with many bars and clubs open all night. The nightlife here doesn’t end until the sun comes up!

Every town and village in Andalucia has its own feria or fair. The summer annual feria originated in the middle ages, and was the principal means of interchange of local products within the kingdom. The first feria takes place at Seville in April (two weeks after Semana Santa) and the last is at San Pedro de Alcántara in mid-October. At night, the fair shifts to the public fairground or “recinto ferial” on the outskirts of the town. There is a traditional amusement park with lots of rides for the children and “casetas” (tents) set up by the various clubs, associations, and political parties of the town. Some of these tents provide live entertainment and all are equipped with a full bar.

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