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Making Your Move



  • HRO creates a RPA
  • The employee/family should notify the DOD school(s) of departure.
  • The DoD schools are very good at checking your children out and mailing the student’s record to the next school. You WILL have to provide the address of the new school so please get that information before going to the DoD school for checkout.
  • The employee/family should sell any personally owned vehicle or pay to “junk” it.


  • Your gaining command sponsor should coordinate a time for the assigned supervisor to meet with the returning employee on the first of their return. Contact your sponsor if you have not gotten this information.
  • The employee/family move in to Navy Lodge (10-day maximum stay).
  • If necessary, the employee/family should make arrangements to close out bank accounts. Remember to set the closing date far enough out to collect your final pay check, normally 2-3 weeks after departure.
  • The employee should print out their Information Assurance training certificate to bring with them so they do not need to repeat the same training at their home command.
  • The employee should fill out and submit a SAAR form OPNAV 5239/14. This form along with mandatory training puts the employee back into their previous NMCI account.
  • The employee should contact the gaining command’s HRO.
    • We will provide contact info on this site soon. Please check back with us regularly
  • The employee should arrange for transportation from the airport to either the permanent or temporary lodging.
  • The employee shall accomplish the checkout process from their command in Rota.
    • See your local admin/manpower office for checkout forms and process
  • Check out of Navy Lodge on day of departure.
  • Get to the airport!!!


During the first week upon arrival at your CONUS Command complete the following:

  • The employee shall report to the designated gate to meet with sponsor or other designated personnel.
  • The employee will need to immediately get processed through security.
  • Meet with administrative personnel for the gaining department. The administrative personnel shall help with direct Deposit, W4’s, Emergency contact info, change of address, and turn in of your (and your family) Government/no-fee (maroon) passport(s).
  • Check in with their assigned supervisor.
  • Check in through Code 600 to complete the following items:
    • Turn in direct deposit with payroll, W4, and change of address.
    • Government Credit Card changed to new command.
    • DTS hierarchy change – This needs to be done prior to completion of the travel orders.
    • En-Route Travel Orders
    • Mass transit incentive program (TIP pass)
  • Renew their common access card at Personnel Support Detachment (PSD).
  • Go to the IT department, Code 1230, for computer access and cell phone if necessary.
  • Meet with their training coordinator to determine and schedule required training.
  • Get vehicle pass / stickers at Pass and ID.
  • Dispensary — The employee should periodically check to see if their medical records have been received at the dispensary.


Within the first 1 to 4 weeks after arrival at your CONUS Command the following items should be completed:

  • The employee and family should receive their express shipment.
  • The employee and family should receive their shipment non-temporary storage.
  • The employee and family should receive their house hold goods shipment.
  • Complete TQSE voucher (after 30 days).
  • Re-establish household
  • Re-establish personal finances
  • Children back in school
  • Review Health Insurance (you can change during open season)
  • Complete the Process Improvement Feedback form to improve this process for future use.
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