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Discussing Your Return

Contacting your previous command

It is hoped that you have maintained contact with your home command during your overseas tour. If so, the conversation on the timing of your return and your job assignment will be easily completed. (If you are reading this as you prepare to go overseas we strongly suggest you look at our KIT MODEL.)

You should contact your home command no later than six months prior to your return. If you have not already done so begin your discussion on your return and potential jobs that you are qualified to fill. Your home command needs to identify the position that you will occupy upon your return and provide this information to their CONUS HRO so that orders may be generated.

Continue to stay in contact with your gaining command throughout the return process to ensure the transition goes well

Updating your Resume

Your resume should always reflect your current job status and be available to send to your gaining command or to search and apply for jobs across government agencies and commands.

For information on building your resume and on jobs available in the government it is suggested that you visit the USAJOBS website at: https://www.usajobs.gov/

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