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Day of Arrival

Arriving at Bahrain International Airport (BAH) usually happens in the evening. Once your aircraft has landed and you have disembarked the plane, follow directions to the passport control area. You will need to show your passport and will need to purchase a visa upon arrival if you do not already have a current Bahrain Visa. Single entry visas can be purchased for 20BD (est. $53.05 as of 2019). Passport applications can take as long as two months so ensure you start the process to apply early. All service members and DOD Civilians should ensure they have a “no fee” passport in their possession prior to the move. In some circumstances, an electronic visa or “eVisa” may be issued instead of the traditional passport stamp. After checking into your command, you will need to turn your passport and the appropriate paperwork into the passport office on base for your long-term visa.

For more information on eVisa, visit the website: evisa.gov.bh

Once you’ve passed through passport control, proceed to the customs area and then the baggage reclaim area. There are several screens within the Bahrain arrivals area on which you can check your flight number and which belt your luggage is due to arrive. If you are traveling with more luggage than you can collect by yourself, there are porters standing by that work for tips and will assist getting your luggage from the belt to your vehicle. Once you have collected your baggage, you will need to pass through the customs control area, which is separated into a green channel for nothing to declare and a red channel for any items you need to declare. Please note that there is a zero tolerance for any recreational drugs and if you are found with them you will be instantly jailed. In case of lost luggage there are two phone numbers for you to call. See the link below for contact information.

It is recommended to have your sponsor or a taxi take you from Bahrain International Airport to NSA Bahrain. Entry to NSA Bahrain is through the main entrance walk-in gate. If you are renting a car, ensure you have GPS capabilities if you are unfamiliar with the Island. All cars must be registered at the security office just inside the walk-in gate before they will be allowed on base.

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