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What is it?

Variable Speed Drives (VSD) will be incorporated with the Port Use Fans (PUF) to give ships an alternative to using Forced Draft Blowers (FDB) while steaming in port.

How does it work?

While in-port or at anchor, steam load is so small that the system needs help pulling steam into the condenser. The ship has to use the FDB which requires a Steam Plant to regulate. By incorporating VSD PUF, we will be able to shut down an entire side of the ship which will result in compounded savings.

What will it accomplish?

The incorporation of VSDs modernize the operation of the PUFs and provide ships a reliable alternative to operating the FDBs during in-port steaming.  This will eliminate issues experienced with the operation and control of the PUF vane actuators, allow boiler loads to be accommodated with the ability to vary the fan speed, provide a more efficient alignment of steam plant equipment, and prevent FDBs from generating excess exhaust steam.