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Recognizing that energy independence is critical to the Navy's mission, NAVSEA is developing several technologies that will reduce the Navy's energy consumption across the fleet. 


In 2009, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced aggressive energy goals to reduce the Department of Navy's consumption of energy, decrease its reliance on foreign sources of oil, and significantly increase its use of alternative energy.  The purpose of these energy goals is to improve our combat capability and to increase our energy security by addressing a significant military vulnerability:  dependence on foreign oil.


One of the Navy's energy goals is to demonstrate and then deploy a "Great Green Fleet," which will include ships and aircraft using alternative sources of energy, including nuclear power, and utilizing multiple energy conservation measures as part of their regular, scheduled deployments throughout calendar year 2016.


Here you will find information about several of the technologies NAVSEA is in the process of developing or installing across the fleet to support the Great Green Fleet.


For more information on Navy energy goals, please see: http://greenfleet.dodlive.mil/energy/task-force-energy/