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Funded Environmental and Morale Leave (FEML)

Civilian employees stationed in Bahrain for 24 or more consecutive months are eligible for government funded travel. The required 24 months can include a 12-month tour that is extended for an additional consecutive 12 months. FEML is not discretionary for travel under this paragraph when an individual meets eligibility requirements, unless otherwise prohibited in the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR).

A dependent is eligible for FEML when residing with the Service member or civilian employee serving an accompanied tour, if the Service member’s dependent is command-sponsored or the civilian employee’s dependent is authorized. FEML may be combined with other official travel or another funded-leave transportation program. However, each traveler is eligible to take only the number of trips authorized in Table 4-10. See the JTR for further FEML eligibility.

FEML Trips Authorized by Assignment Length and Tour Extension

When a civilian employee is on a PCS to a FEML area (Bahrain) for a 12-month “without dependent” tour and extends service for another consecutive 12-month tour, the civilian employee is eligible for only one type of Government-funded leave, either RAT or FEML, but not both.

A new tour assignment or renewal agreement starts the number of FEML trip authorizations over. See the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) for more information.

Defense Travel – JTR ∗∗∗FEML starts on page 4-9
Defense Travel – FEML

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