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Your Sponsor

The FDRMC Sponsor Program has been designed to ensure that all newly assigned personnel receive a personalized welcome and assistance in relocating to their new command. This program helps alleviate some of the normal stresses of moving internationally by establishing a connection between the person/family PCS’ing and someone already living and stationed OCONUS.

The Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA) has overall responsibility for the Command Sponsor Program. The SEA will select a Senior Enlisted member to serve as the FDRMC Command Sponsor Coordinator with the concurrence of the Commanding Officer. In addition, the SEA will coordinate with the Detachment OICs to designate a local Sponsor Coordinator. Each location will designate a local Assistant Sponsor Coordinator, who will provide sponsor support for new civilian hires. As part of the sponsor program, training for the Naples, Bahrain, and Rota communities is provided via the Fleet Family Service Center (FFSC) to designated sponsors to equip them with the information necessary to accomplish their responsibilities. Assistant Sponsor Coordinators will manage the sponsor program at their respective locations in coordination with the Corporate Operations Department.

Among other things, your sponsor will:

  1. Mail/email Welcome Aboard Package
  2. Be your main POC and available to answer any questions you might have about your upcoming move
  3. Assist in the onboarding process once you’ve arrived at your new Command
  4. Provide information/documents pertaining to local residency permits
  5. Link to or documentation describing local base support information: Temporary Lodging Accommodation, housing, MWR, vehicle registration, and child care/schools
  6. Coordinate with local HRO to ensure all benefits and entitlements information has been forwarded to the prospective gain


Keep in mind, your sponsor was once in your shoes preparing for an upcoming PCS, so they are in a unique position to answer direct questions about living and working in Bahrain. Don’t hesitate to ask questions — they are YOUR resource!

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