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What You Need to Know

Who We AreThe mission of FDRMC Detachment Bahrain is to provide engineering and technical services for maintenance and modernization of naval ships and craft in the FIFTH Fleet Area of Responsibility (AOR). FDRMC Det. Bahrain provides intermediate- and depot-level maintenance for 14 forward deployed naval force ships, including CNO and Continuous Maintenance (CMAV/CM) availability, planning, execution and oversight. The detachment also provides Voyage Repair planning, execution and oversight for ships operating in the FIFTH Fleet Area of Responsibility.

FDRMC Det. Bahrain provides the sustainment, fleet technical assistance and voyage repair to naval ships and craft operating within the FIFTH and SIXTH Fleet. Manned with numerous highly specialized technicians the staff provides Distance Support and Fleet Technical Assistance to the ships deployed to Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and parts of the Indian Ocean while a cadre of maintenance professional provide oversight for Continuous Maintenance Availabilities (CMAVs) on ships deployed to Djibouti, Dubai, Jordan and other Middle Eastern Countries.

Live the experience of a lifetime in a fast-paced, challenging civil service ship maintenance position that will strengthen and accelerate your professional development, expertise and skill set while promoting peace, regional cooperation, and stability in the Middle East Theater.

Why Serve in Bahrain?
  • Bahrain is a unique place where YOU can make a difference!
  • The Kingdom of Bahrain is home to U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (CENTCOM) and U.S. FIFTH Fleet.
  • We have positions which will challenge your skills and broaden your horizons.
Where you can serve in Bahrain Where you can serve in Bahrain Where you can serve in Bahrain
Why Live in Bahrain?

Living in Bahrain offers unmatched opportunities for travel. It is in the heart of the Middle East with access to North Africa, Europe, and of course all of the Middle East. The culture and history of this place will amaze you. That’s why you can find multiple restaurants boasting different cuisines from America, Asia, Europe, and Arabian food of course, art galleries, culture centers, and a unique state of harmony binding all these cultures together.

Moving to Bahrain truly offers you the opportunity and the Experience of a Lifetime!

You will never walk alone in Manama where it’s very easy to get to know people and meet new friends. The community is very warm and caring and there are countless unique activities to do with friends and family including: venturing out in the desert and enjoying new company around a fire while watching the stars, going to the beach, shopping and experiencing the culture of Bahrain, enjoying unique cuisine with friendly people.

It’s a close-knit community where cultural diversity is a strength and people from all different walks of life and backgrounds conversate, get to know and support each other.

We are a small Detachment with limited billets that enable each employee to test their skills and expand their proficiencies. You won’t be just another team member repairing a system in a shop, you will be the independent technical expert sent to Dubai, Oman, Jordon, Djibouti, or one of the numerous other world ports in order to correct a critical ship casualty. You will be at the tip of the spear, as part of the team that is protecting and defending U.S. maritime interests in the cradle of civilization. We need the best!

We fix ships and take care of our people!

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