Vehicle Registration & Licensing Automobile Insurance


DRIVER'S LICENSE: A valid out of state driver’s license is accepted to meet Guam driver’s license requirements. You must, though, obtain a Guam driver’s license upon your arrival to Guam. The following documents are required to apply for a Guam Driver’s License:

  • Valid stateside driver’s license
  • Valid ID (Passport, Military ID, Green Card, Guam ID, Stateside ID, Firearm’s ID, Naturalization Certificate)
  • U.S. Social Security Card or Social Security certification from the Social Security Office

For more information, call the Guam Department of Motor Vehicles, Driver’s License Branch at (671) 635-7651/1887.

VEHICLE REGISTRATION/SAFETY INSPECTION: A Temporary Vehicle Permit from the Revenue and Tax Motor Vehicle Division is required for you to pick up your Privately Owned Vehicle (POV). The permit is good for 5 days and the fee is $5.00. The POV Office on Naval Base Guam will not release your POV without the temporary permit. POV must be currently insured, pass a Guam Safety Inspection, and must be registered with the Motor Vehicle Division before being operated on the roads of Guam. Prior to your departure from your location, contact your current vehicle insurance company to verify if vehicle coverage is effective on Guam. Guam requires a safety inspection on all motor vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds. Safety inspections must be completed after pick-up and prior to registration of your vehicle and annually thereafter. The inspection can be obtained at both Andersen AFB and NBG and many locations throughout the island displaying the "Official Vehicle Safety Inspection Station" sign. You will be provided with an inspection certificate that must be kept in the car at all times. Your vehicle must pass a safety inspection to be registered on Guam. You must have your current Vehicle Registration on hand to get a Safety Inspection. For more information, call the Guam Department of Motor Vehicles, Vehicle Registration Branch at (671)-635-7652/1886.

PRIVATELY OWNED VEHICLE (POV)/MOTORCYCLE REGISTRATION: You need the following to apply for Guam Vehicle Registration:

  • Certificate of Ownership (title) or Lien from a financial institution
  • The original manufacturer's Certificate of Origin o Certification of Automobile Liability Insurance (Public Law 20-216)
  • Complete Vehicle Registration Application Form
  • A passed Guam vehicle safety inspection checklist

BASE REGISTRATION: To register your POV and obtain a base sticker: You need to complete the registration process at Guam Motor Vehicle Division and bring your documents to the Naval Base Guam Pass & ID Office (located outside of NBG or Andersen) with the Guam Vehicle Registration certificate, proof of insurance, CAC ID and Driver’s License. Motorcycles: Operators must provide proof of attendance at a Motorcycle Safety Course, Guam Motorcycle Driver’s License, Valid CAC ID, Valid Motorcycle registration and current Proof of Insurance. Please call the DZSP-21 Annex 404 Safety Office at (671) 339-7233 for more information or to make an appointment to attend a Motorcycle Safety Course.

For more information, call the NBG Pass & ID Office – located outside the Main Gate of NBG at: (671) 339-5208.