Medical Care for Civilians

1. As a US civilian employee in an overseas area, you are eligible for medical care in military medical facilities in the overseas area only, on a space-available basis and for a fee. What treatment is available will depend on where you are assigned, but our priority for care is always the same, which is AFTER active duty military members and their families. In most locations, you will not be able to obtain routine dental or optometry care. Depending on patient demand and care availability, other types of care will not be available from military facilities. If you have health concerns, you should discuss this with your gaining HRO and sponsor in order to make sure that your health care needs will be provided for.

2. Military medical care is expensive. The fee schedule changes annually.

3. Representative costs for outpatient care ranged from $160 for family practice to over $160 for internal medicine, neurology, or emergency room care. That price is all-inclusive, in most cases, of any tests ordered, medications prescribed, and follow-up care needed. Military medical facilities do not provide itemized statements of charges and care, nor do they file with your medical insurance carrier.

4. You or your family members will probably need to use medical and dental providers on the economy at some point during your tour. Referrals can be obtained from the Tri-Care office of your local military medical facility or from coworkers who have providers they have used and recommend.

5. Obviously, you will still need health insurance over here. DO NOT count on whatever care you need being available on post. Most insurance carriers are more flexible regarding what kinds of receipts they will accept from Host Country providers. Contact your health insurance carrier for specific forms and instructions on filing overseas claims. You can also obtain more information about the Federal Employees' Health Benefits program from your Civilian Personnel Advisory Center or by reviewing the Office of Personnel Management's Web Site.