Travel & Transportation Entitlements

Information is available on the Department of Defense (DoD) Travel Regulations website at: You should first review the section that pertains to the type of PCS travel that applies to you; first duty station, change in duty station, etc. to determine the applicable benefits. Next, review the information contained in the DONHR website at: for more specific entitlements a/o benefits, etc.

  • Non-temporary Storage. Employees PCSing to an overseas assignment are authorized non-temporary storage (NTS) for a portion of their household goods, which is not transported to the permanent duty station. The amount stored in NTS is counted as part of the maximum weight allowance.
  • Shipment of Vehicle. One privately owned vehicle (POV) is authorized for shipment at government expense. Allow three to eight weeks for delivery. Shipping the vehicle ahead of time saves you the cost of car rental fees (not an allowable expense for PCS) when you arrive. If you are considering purchasing a car in Guam, expect to pay a higher price than in CONUS. Rust proofing your car is advisable since most of the houses here do not have enclosed garages. The combination of humidity and salt air wreak havoc on all metals. A good coat of wax or other protective coating on the exterior is also recommended for shipping, as is protection for upholstery, floor mats, and other accessories. Privately Owned Vehicle (POV). Delivery of your POV is handled by the Guam Vehicle Processing Center (GVPC) POV station. You can track your POV and get pick-up information on-line by going to:; or register on-line at: For information contact the GVPC at (671) 339-2205.
  • Household Goods (HHG). Items associated with the home and all personal effects belonging to an employee and dependents on the employee's effective date of transfer or appointment that legally may be accepted and transported by a commercial HHG carrier. HHG do not include - personal baggage when carried free on commercial transportation; automobiles, trucks, vans and similar motor vehicles; airplanes; mobile homes; camper trailers; horse trailers; and farming vehicles; live animals including birds, fish and reptiles; cordwood and building materials; HHG for resale, disposal or commercial use; privately owned live ammunition; boats; and hazardous articles including explosives, flammable and corrosive materials, poisons, propane gas tanks. For more information on HHG go to the DoD Travel Regulations website at: Guam PCS Guide Updated 05/13/20 6
  • In-bound delivery of your HHG and baggage is handled by the NAVSUPP FISC Personal Property Shipping (PPS), Guam Office located at NBG, Bldg. 3191. Visit your nearest Personal Property Office for information on shipping restrictions and requirements to Guam, or contact PPS Guam Office at (671) 333-2046.