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A.J. Rasure

AJ Rasure
Strategic & Computing Systems Department

What school did you attend?
University of Mary Washington (double major in Physics and Math)

How long have you been employed at NSWCDD?
I have been working at Dahlgren for just under 2.5 years

What do you like most about your job?
I like that I have been involved in a variety of different technical areas. I learned many things about the system that A10 [Strategic Systems Analysis & Assurance Branch]/A20 [Strategic Systems Design & Implementation Branch] works with and I contribute to meaningful solutions. Sometimes these solutions are research-based, but more recently they have been focused on forward-thinking problems.

What advice do you have for those looking to pursue the engineering career path?
This question is a harder one for me. I came to Dahlgren as a physicist and mathematician and began working in employment engineering. I think that one of my strengths has been that I like to look at the problems presented to me and not close the door to novel solutions. If I had to give some advice to someone pursuing an engineering degree, I would say when the opportunity arises for you to reexamine perceived constraints, you should do so and start towards what may be an unrealistic but ideal state and see if your proposed solutions enable you to get at least one step closer to the ideal.

Why did you choose to work for the Navy?
Selfishly, I liked the fact that I could continue to pursue educational opportunities that would have been closed to me otherwise. Additionally, I am medically retired from the Marine Corps. My father retired from the Navy and my brother just got out of the Navy. My family and I understand that working for the Navy is more than just getting a paycheck and making money for some company. The work you do matters.

Do you have any other interesting information that you would like to share future engineers?
I think that I have taken a very non-traditional role in being some sort of an engineer. I do not know yet if that will be of benefit to me or a hindrance. I know that it has given me a different point of view from others and I continue to ask the, “Why?" Asking questions has gotten me into many lengthy conversations and the outcome is always that I am a little smarter on the subject.