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Eva Cooper

Eva Cooper
Weapons Control & Integration Department

What school did you attend?
University of North Carolina-Charlotte

How long have you been employed at NSWCDD?
I’ve been employed at NSWCDD for 18 months.

What do you like the most about your job?
I enjoy the vast amount of technical fields that NSWCDD has to offer. I also enjoy networking with individuals from different disciplines. 

What advice do you have for those looking to pursue the engineering career path?
I would tell them that the path to becoming an engineer may not be easy, but if you stick with it, you will be rewarded in the end.

Why did you choose to work for the Navy?
 I chose to work for the Navy because it offers stability and an opportunity to give back to my country.

What other information would you like to share to a future engineer?
I would say that the Navy offers many internship programs. If you are unsure if this is the right field for you, think about applying for an internship.


Eva Cooper

Eva Cooper­­­