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Noah Grenier

Noah Grenier
Readiness & Training Systems Department

What school did you attend?
I attended Old Dominion University. 

How long have you been employed at NSWCDD?
I began my NSWC journey with M42 [the Mission Analysis Branch] in Dahlgren as an intern in June of 2020. I transferred down to Dam Neck for the summer of 2021 and began with A32/R35 [the Ship Self Defense Computing Branch]. After working with them all summer, I worked part-time in the fall during my last semester of college. I then came on board full-time in January of 2022. 

What do you like the most about your job?
What I like most about my job is how team oriented our SSDS hardware design team is.  We work together to reach our objectives and meet deadlines. We have weekly drawing reviews to discuss designs, specifications, and goals for the week. 

What advice do you have for those looking to pursue the engineering career path?
Apply for internship programs, such as the SMART or SSEP programs, if you are planning on working for the DOD. Internships are very important as they help you gain real life experience. I did the SSEP program and they paid half of my tuition for my final three semesters and paid for books. In addition, they help you learn and get used to government processes early in your professional career.

Why did you choose to work for the Navy?
I chose to work for the Navy for the opportunity to have a positive impact on our military and better equip Sailors’ for their missions.