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Kimberly Loue

Kimberly Louie
Warfare Analysis and Digital Modeling Department

What school did you attend?
University of Virginia for a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in computer science. I am currently pursuing a master’s in computer modeling and simulation engineering at Old Dominion University.

How long have you been employed at NSWCDD?
I have been at NSWCDD since 2018. I started as a summer intern during my second year of college. The STEM Student Employment Program allowed me to convert to a full-time employee once I graduated.

What do you like the most about your job?
I enjoy the fact that I am constantly learning new material and skills.Every new task or project is like a fun puzzle to solve. In addition, I have a team of great co-workers helping to solve that puzzle.

What advice do you have for those looking to pursue the engineering career path?
When you first start out with engineering, everything can seem confusing, but everyone has felt that way before. Asking your co-workers or classmates questions and requesting help can really improve the experience of learning a tough subject.

Why did you choose to work for the Navy?
One of the main reasons I chose to work for the Navy is because my family works at NSWCDD. My dad and sister work at Dahlgren and I could see how much they enjoy the work here and the purpose of the work here. So when it came time to look for internships and a job, I knew exactly where I wanted to start looking.

What other information would you like to share to a future engineer?
If you are interested in pursuing a career in engineering, go for it! Also, no matter what discipline of engineering you are thinking of going into, I recommend taking a class or two of computer science. It helps to know the basics of programming and most engineering jobs will involve some sort of computer program.