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The Deputy for Small Business (DSB) serves as the principal advisor to the Command in directing and implementing NSWC Crane's Small Business (SB) Program. A primary goal of the command's program is to is to maximize prime and subcontracting opportunities for small businesses through policy, advocacy, counseling and training.  The DSB promotes partnerships between technical programs and small businesses in support of fulfilling mission requirements.

The DSB strives to ensure small businesses are afforded maximum and fair opportunity to participate in NSWC Crane’s acquisition of supplies, services, construction and R&D, and to assist the NSWC Crane contracting staff in meeting their small business targets. The DSB offers guidance and assistance to small businesses interested in doing business with NSWC Crane.

Meeting requests with the NSWC Crane DSB are by appointment only; please email to schedule an appointment.  Ms. Kaylee Diamond, DSB, serves as the point of contact for all NSWC Crane small business matters. 


SB Eligible:  4,604 actions / $1,434,015,841

Small Business Total:  2,363 actions  SB $484,131,954

Event StartEvent EndTitle
4/16/2024 9:30 AM 4/16/2024 6:00 PM Buy Indiana Expo
5/7/2024 12:00 AM 5/9/2024 12:00 AM 2024 Hypersonic Innovation Conference
6/4/2024 11:00 AM 6/4/2024 3:30 PM Connect to Mission (C2M) Global Deterrence & Defense Department
8/6/2024 11:00 AM 8/6/2024 3:30 PM Connect to Mission (C2M) Special Warfare & Expeditionary Systems Department
11/5/2024 12:00 AM 11/5/2024 12:00 AM Connection to Mission: Corp Operations/Command/Team Crane

Doing Business with NSWC Crane


For businesses unfamiliar with FAR-Based contracting, the following 8-step tutorial provides step-by-step guidance:
Business Opportunities are advertised on and
Non-FAR Based Other Transactions are advertised on Home Page - S2MARTS and EMC2
Non-FAR Based Prize Challenges are advertised on Challenge.Gov

Business Opportunities


NAVSEA LONG RANGE ACQUISITION ESTIMATE (LRAE) is now available. This forecast creates a demand signal of anticipated business needs and makes early planning possible to a wide range of current and potential industry partners.  It also contributes to better support of NAVSEA’s requirements and fosters increased competition which benefits both NAVSEA and new business partners. The LRAF is available in two parts; one for headquarters and another for the enterprise.  For more information visit
PRIME/SUB-CONTRACTORS  Prime/subcontracting strategy can efficiently serve the defense needs of the country and the men and women in uniform.  Major contracts are awarded to large and small prime contractors. Thousands of related contracts for labor, manufacturing, supply and other needs are coordinated through agreements between the prime and its partners through subcontracting agreements. Primes are often mandated to complete a portion of their prime contracts using small businesses. Small businesses can find information on prime contractors outreach events, notices of sources sought, and solicitations for subcontracting work on the SBA subcontracting database SUBNet Prime and subcontracting | U.S. Small Business Administration (
SEAPORT NEXT GENERATION (SeaPort-NxG)  is the Navy Virtual SYSCOM Commanders' (NAVAIR, NAVSEA, NAVSUP and NAVWAR) integrated approach to contracting for support services. SeaPort-NxG’s electronic procurement of Technical, Engineering, and other professional services represent a key strategy to meeting NAVSEA’s contracting needs. SeaPort-NxG preapproves a large & diverse community of contractors. Once approved, contractors bid on work, individually or in teams. Details on admission to SeaPort-e are available on its website,
SAM.GOV Qualified vendors can search this online site to monitor and retrieve current procurement opportunities and general contracting information. This is the single government point-of-entry for federal procurement opportunities greater than $25,000. For information on how to get started, visit



Small Business Innovation

SBIR  The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program strengthens opportunities for innovative small businesses using federally funded research. The program stimulates technological innovation, uses small businesses to meet federal research needs, and enables participation by socially and economically disadvantaged businesses. Additionally, the program facilitates the transition of the resulting research in to the commercial sector, a strategy that increases competition, productivity and economic growth.  For more information, select here
 STTR  The Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program is a sister program to SBIR that requires the small business to partner with a University, a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), or a qualified non-profit research institution. The STTR standards require the small business to serve as the prime contractor and perform at least 40 percent of the work, with the research partner performing at least 30 percent of the work. The remaining work may be done either by the small business, the research partner, or by a third party.

FY23 Top Ten NAICS Categories Awarded by NSWC Crane: 

FY23 Top Ten NAICS Categories Awarded by NSWC Crane:             

 FY23 Top Ten PSC Categories Awarded by NSWC Crane: 

FY23 Top Ten PSC Categories Awarded by NSWC Crane:

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