The mission of Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane), as defined by Congress, enables us to work with the private industry, academia, state, local and foreign governments.

A business relationship with NSWC Crane opens the door for your company to access state-of-the-art DoD technology, facilities, and personnel. The Technology Office makes it easy for start-up to established businesses to leverage innovative technologies and take them to the market place.

            What Crane can Provide to You:
                            Knowledge - Existing or pending patents, data & databases, cutting edge technology
                            People - Expertise & experience
                            Equipment - State of the art scientific equipment
                            Facilities - buildings, world-class laboratories, installed equipment, defined capabilities

NSWC Crane has a long history and strong business base in southern Indiana. By establishing a partnership with NSWC Crane, you can gain ready access to our unique facilities and capabilities. If you would like to pursue a business relationship with us, please visit the links below to explore what options might work best for you.

NSWC Crane has many options available for meeting your unique needs and end-goals. Below are a list of the types of partnership agreements that are typical. However, if none of these meet your requirements, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Type of Agreement  Who We Can Partner With  Purpose and Advantage    Description:
Broad Agency Announcement US or foreign businesses, universities, and individuals Used for competitive selection of proposals for scientific study and experimentation. Invitation to submit a proposal for R&D.
Provides general description of Navy needs and future requirements; not a formal Request for proposal. May be open up to a year. Contracts may or may not be awarded. Publication in the Commerce and Business Daily.
Work for Private Parties Agreement Any business, university or private entity Rapid contract process by whereby unique Crane facilities and personnel can be directly accessed and paid for by a non-profit government customer.
Tasking based on Statement of Work by customer and cost estimate provide by Crane personnel. Approval at local level; not subject to Federal Acquisition Regulations. Requires indemnification and advance or phased payment.
Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement Any federal government entity, university or business entity Shoes intent to work together in a partnership or collaborative manner. No funding, contracting or accounting.
A high level agreement documenting and identifying areas of potential collaboration and/or a strategy to do so. Requires approval by senior managers.
Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) Any non-federal government Joint development and sharing of facilities knowledge, experience and/or intellectual property. Provides data and intellectual property protection from a Freedom of Information Act for an established period of time. 
An agreement that provides for joint research and development; however, Crane personnel and facilities cost may be paid for by the non-government partner. Not subject to Federal Acquisition Regulations. 
Patent License Agreement (PLA) Any entity Commercially exploit patented developed technology. Licensees have competitive advantage for commercialization of a product or process. Assigns the right to make, use or sell government intellectual property. License fees and/or royalties may be involved.
Small Business Innovative Research Program Any US small business with Less than 500 employees Take advantage of special funding set aside by congress to develop innovative solution to Navy problems having a potential for commercial use.
Contracts are phased to permit technology feasibility and demonstration before full-scale development commercialization. Award amounts generally range from $100l to $750k, depending upon phase.
Intergovernmental Personnel Act State or local government, universities, and qualified non-profit entities  Assigned personnel act as employees of institution to which they are assigned. Promotes intergovernmental understanding and collaboration for mutual benefit. 
Personnel temporarily assigned to another organization for 1 to 4 years. Salary may be paid by receiving or assigning organization or the cost may be shared.
Integrated Product and Process Development of Integrated Product Teams Parties involved in development and delivery of a product or concept.  Empowerment of a team to develop or deliver a product at best cost, schedule and quality that is supportable.
Encourages coordination, communication and innovation for development of new products or technologies for the benefit of all parties.