Partnership Intermediaries are Not-For-Profit entities or agencies which are owned, chartered, funded and operated by a State or local government.  These intermediaries, commonly refered to as PIA Partners, assist, counsel, advise and/or evaluate small businesses and educational institutions to determine if the business or institution can  benefit from technology-related assistance from a Federal Laboratory.

PIA Partners can assist businesses and academia in several ways including: 

  • Assisting companies with learning the 'interests' of NSWC Crane
  • Showcasing Crane's innovations and assisting companies with licensing or collaborating on Patents/Intellectual Property
  • Highlighting technologies and capabilities of the business/institution that are of interest to Crane
  • Providing assistance in developing funding program proposals

Current NSWC Crane PIA Partners are:


  • Battery Innovation Center (BIC)
  • OrthoWorx, LLC.
  • Indiana University
  • State of Indiana
  • Radius Indiana
  • Ivy Tech Community College-Bloomington, IN
  • Purdue University
  • The Growth Alliance For Greater Evansville (GAGE)
  • Purdue Research Foundation
  • NineTwelve Institute, Inc.
  • Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3)
  • Wright Brothers Institute
  • Dimension Mill, Inc. (DMI)