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Before you Go...

Career and career-conditional employees in the competitive service who are employed in the United States or in a non-foreign area and who accept an assignment in a foreign area or in a non-foreign area different from the one in which they are currently employed shall be granted statutory return rights in accordance with section 1586 of Reference (h) for a period of 5 years if continuously employed in a foreign or non-foreign area. This policy:

  1. Applies whether the employee moves to a position with the same DoD Component or with a different DoD Component.
  2. Applies to both the initial movement and any subsequent movement within the 5-year period (e.g., the employee initially moves to a position with the same DoD Component, and subsequently moves to another foreign area position with a different DoD Component).

The KIT process is designed to maintain communication and keep alignment with the home command while serving with the Forward Deployed Naval Forces (FDNF) overseas.

It creates a structured communication environment to allow the home activity to understand experience gained by the employee’s FDNF assignment, ensure the employee “keeps in touch,” and create a record to aid in placement upon the employees return.

The process creates a coaching and mentoring environment to aid in development of skills and enhances a seamless transition back to the home activity.

We strongly encourage those with Return Rights to submit an updated resume to their home command/chain of command prior to returning stateside. Read the KIT Plan below for specific direction on the timing of this action.