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Fleet and Family Support Center, Yokosuka, Japan

Area Orientation Brief & Intercultural Relations (AOB/ICR) Training

This five day training is mandatory for all SOFA sponsored personnel (military service members, civilian employees, and adult family members) within 30 days of reporting to Yokosuka or Sasebo, even if you have previously served in Japan. It is designed to reduce the stress and frustration of moving to Yokosuka or Sasebo by ensuring newly reporting personnel are introduced to current CFAY policies, programs, services, responsibilities and facilities.

Note: Certified attendance is required for anyone to obtain a U.S. Forces Japan driver’s license during their stay.

Reservations are required and suggested at least four weeks prior to arrival in the Yokosuka/Sasebo area. Your sponsor can make reservations or you can register yourself. Emails can be sent to FFSCInfo@fe.navy.mil. Put “AOB/ICR” in the subject line and include the service member’s name, the name of the gaining command, and your expected date you are reporting to Yokosuka or Sasebo. Reservations can also be made by calling 243-3372 option 3 (Yokosuka) or 252-3372 (Sasebo). You can also stop by the Fleet and Family Support Center for reservations.

Child care reservations must be made prior to attending AOB/ICR. See Child Care section under the AOB/ICR schedule below.


Monday – Area Orientation Brief (AOB) Topics include:
  • Policies and procedures associated with Commander Fleet Activities, Yokosuka/Sasebo
  • Guest speakers include representatives from Fleet and Family Support Center, US Naval Hospital, Navy College.
Tuesday – Area Orientation Brief (AOB) Topics include:
  • Guest speakers include representatives from Personnel Support Detachment, Religious Ministries, USO, the Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society.
Wednesday – Intercultural Relations (ICR) Topics include:
  • Money, phones and food
  • Japanese language, history and holidays
  • Discuss Culture Shock and cultural awareness
  • Modes of transportation (trains, buses, taxies, and subways)
Thursday – Field Trip
  • Explore tourist attractions
  • Visit historical sites
  • Experience local cuisine
Friday – Driver’s Indoctrination Class
  • Presentation on driving in Japan
  • Written test on signs and traffic laws
  • Road test sign up (Attendance is mandatory for those changing U.S. Forces Japan driver’s license issued by another base in Japan to CFAY.)
The CFAY driver instruction manual can be found here:

Childcare Information

Children ages 17 and under are not permitted to attend AOB/ICR Training. Parents with nursing infants who are unable to attend CDC may request a waiver through the Fleet and Family Support Center prior to the start of AOB/ICR class week. Please allow at least 10 business days for processing of the waiver. New arrivals with children should make reservations as far in advance as possible as there are many families who require childcare and availability is limited. Reservations are NOT made automatically. Child and Youth Program (CYP) childcare options on base are FREE to attendees using vouchers that are distributed following each day’s training. Additionally at least one parent must attend a CYP orientation prior to the child’s first attendance at a facility. Couples may choose to attend AOB/ICR during alternate weeks in order to mitigate childcare concerns. Ask your sponsor for additional details on Childcare.