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Day of Arrival

Arriving in Narita International Airport for Yokosuka


Narita International Airport is located roughly 50 miles East of the heart of Tokyo and serves as the main international airport in Japan.

Narita International/New Tokyo International Airport commercial airline arrivals:

Note: These directions are based on arrivals to Terminal One which is the most common terminal for U.S. international flights. If you arrive at Terminal Two you can take the free Airport Shuttle Bus to Terminal One. The shuttle bus can be accessed from bus stop 8 or 18 outside the terminal. For information regarding lost luggage, please read the Lost Luggage section below.

From Terminal One: Follow the signs inside the terminal to the Arriving Passenger area. Walk past the Medical/Quarantine desk (if you have pets, stop here and ask for assistance). Continue around to the immigration desk. Stand behind one of the lines marked Foreign Passports. You may have to wait in a single line; if so, an agent will tell you which passport window to approach. Be sure you have already completed both sides of the immigration paperwork that was given to you on the plane before getting into the passport line. If you do not have one, there are plenty of forms at the counters just before you get in line. Present your passport and/or ID card, a copy of your orders, and your completed paperwork to the Immigration Officer behind the desk. Make sure the Officer stamps your passport (and each of your family members' passports) with the CORRECT entry stamp. The small square stamp clearly states:

Under Status of Forces Agreement
Entered Japan: Date:
Immigration Inspector:

This mark is then over-stamped with the immigration officer's date stamp.

With your stamped paperwork, proceed through the gate and down the stairs to the baggage claim area. Pick up your luggage and proceed to one of the long counters marked "Non-Resident" for Customs inspection. Note: It is posted that use of electronic devices, including cell phones and cameras, are not allowed in this area. Also, do not open any of your baggage until you are in front of the customs agent who will authorize your exit from the area.

Lost Luggage

If you cannot find your luggage in the baggage claim area, immediately contact one of the Baggage Claim Customer Service Representatives. Generally, at least one of the Representatives on duty will speak English. Provide your flight information and your baggage claim ticket stubs. Use the following as a local address for delivery of your luggage to the base at no charge to you:

Kanagawa-ken Yokosuka-shi Honcho 1-Banchi
Yokosuka US Navy Base (in Japanese: Bei Kaigun Yokosuka Kichi)
Phone number: 046-816-1110 (Base Operator)

You will also need to identify a point of delivery and phone number within the base. This might be the name of your initial lodging or your duty station, but it should be a place that is accessible 24 hours a day.

After providing the above required information to the Customer Service Representative, you will be given a receipt or card with contact phone numbers. The receipt/card will have instructions for you to call to check on your luggage after a specified time.

Exit the customs area and continue to the ‘arrivals hall’. If a driver has been arranged to pick you up be on the lookout for a driver holding a sign with your name on it. He or she will take you to your lodging accommodations in Yokosuka or Sasebo.

If a driver has not been secured for you, there is a Shuttle Bus that can take you from Narita International to Yokosuka. Sign-up is highly recommended prior to departing for Japan as the Shuttle Bus is subject to availability. They will require you to give them a copy of your orders so always travel with extra copies on hand. Please read the links below for rules, SOPs and the Shuttle Bus sign-up. Note: talk to your sponsor well in advance as they should be able to assist you with sign up.

Arriving in Narita International Airport for Sasebo

The majority of those PCSing to Sasebo will land at Narita International Airport then continue on to Fukuoka Domestic Airport (FUK). Others may arrive directly at the Fukuoka International Airport. At the first airport you arrive in Japan, you must go through immigration and fill out immigration’s entry card, custom’s declaration card, present government identification, passports and orders. You are responsible for collecting your luggage before proceeding through Customs and Immigration. After you pass through Customs and Immigration, you are responsible for the transfer and check-in process for your domestic flight to Fukuoka. (If you need any assistance, feel free to ask the airport staff.)

If arriving at the Fukuoka International Terminal, utilize the airport “free” shuttle to transfer to the Domestic Terminal. At FUK Domestic Terminal Number 3, exit the baggage claims section going into the arrivals waiting area where a uniformed military service member will be posted.

From here, you have two options to get to Sasebo. If you’ve already secured a ride with your sponsor, your sponsor will pick you up from the Terminal that has been discussed (this to be coordinated with sponsor PRIOR TO departure).

If a ride from your sponsor has not been secured or is unavailable, the second option to get to Sasebo is via Govt. Shuttle Bus. It is recommended to sign-up for the shuttle bus PRIOR to departing in the U.S. on the link below. If not, you can still ride the shuttle bus provided that there is space available. The Bus Attendant will verify bus reservations, collect a copy of your orders (as applicable), and add personnel to the bus manifest based upon priority seating and space availability. Once all customers have been accounted for and verified, the bus attendant will escort everyone to the bus located in bus parking lot approximately 250 yards from the airport. If there are not enough seats available, passengers are responsible for procuring an alternate means of transportation to Sasebo.