Shore Facilities

Gould Island Firing Pier

Gould Island is located at the southern end of the North Test Area, just 1.5 nm offshore of Stillwater Basin. The firing pier located here provides a versatile and unique dry-land launch capability.

A two-story building is the primary support facility that includes the following equipment: one 25-ton capacity elevator tower; one 230 kW generator; two 23 kW generators; and 14,000 square feet of available floor space.In addition the building houses a newer inner modular building space which contains the Shore System for the Gould Island Acoustic Communications and Tracking Range (GIATR). This system connects, via fiber optic cables, to the bottom mounted acoustic system installed in the North Range Area.

Stillwater Basin

The NBTF Range Operations Center is located at NUWC Division Newport's sheltered Stillwater Basin area, overlooking the inner bay ranges and waterfront facilities. This secure area is across Burma Road from the main NUWC Division Newport compound. This location allows constant visual and radio contact with projects and personnel. The facilities include management offices, staging and maintenance bays, piers, a boat ramp, and a 5-ton jib crane mounted on a wharf dolphin. Refurbishment and upgrading of these facilities was completed as a $4.6 million MILCON project in 2002.