Shallow Water Acoustic Tracking System (SWATS)

SWATS is a portable acoustic tracking system that was developed to add mobility to range operations.

The system has "evolved" over the last two decades, but it remains to be relatively simple to maintain and operate. Based on easy to deploy, reusable sonobuoy technology, SWATS has enabled range users to conduct exercises in a multitude of environmental conditions.

SWATS can be deployed in water depths ranging from 30 to 400 feet.

Deployment within the North Range or Hole Area (click here for large map) can be accomplished in less than one day.

SWATS is capable of tracking at least six in water targets equipped with a standard Mk 84 pinger. SWATS can also track multiple surface targets that are equipped with a GPS receiver and a small RF data modem.

The SWATS tracking center is typically located in within the Range Operations Center in Building 119, but can be easily transferred to a small test van for offshore operations. SWATS employs the NUWC developed TSUNAMI display system. TSUNAMI is a network-based display system that is capable of displaying real time tracking data anywhere on the NUWC campus.