Medical Billing

Effective 1 August 2015, USNH Yokosuka no longer files insurance claims on behalf of non-TRICARE beneficiary patients. Hospital staff will instead send billing information regarding your visit to the U.S. Treasury’s Centralized Receivables Service (CRS), the new invoicing and collections system for Navy Medicine. CRS will then mail out an invoice directly to you. Upon receipt, you will have 30 days, interest-free, to make payment arrangements, file a claim with your insurer, or file a dispute with CRS.

Navy Medicine and USNH Yokosuka are making this change to comply with federal regulations, ensure more timely billing, and improve the overall patient care experience. After your patient encounter, hospital staff will transcribe your encounter, apply the proper* medical coding, and upload the bill into CRS. You can expect the billing information to leave CRS within two months of insurance carrier. CRS can also assist with making alternative payment arrangements to avoid delinquency if circumstances prevent you from paying your bill within 30 days. The invoice you receive from CRS will provide you with detailed information about your visit as well as contact information regarding payment options.

In order to ensure timely and accurate billing, please be sure to verify that your contact information is correct in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). You can do so by visiting the DEERS office located in the local Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) or by logging into This will ensure your bill is sent to the correct address. You are encouraged to take advantage of eBilling (link) to expedite the notification and ensure plenty of time is afforded to process your claim with your insurance carrier. We also encourage you to contact your health insurance carrier to gather information about how to properly file a claim. Prior to seeking care at a Military Treatment Facility, non-TRICARE beneficiaries should understand what types of charges and fees their health insurer will cover.

If you have any questions, please contact the Uniform Business Office, CRS representative, at DSN: (315) 243-7090/8574. For questions about your bill, payments options, or to dispute a claim with CRS, please contact CRS directly at 1-855-549-2684. We have also included a list of questions and answers regarding the new billing process.

*Advisory: Non Tri-Care Beneficiaries have reported limited instances where USNH medical codes were not recognized by their insurance carrier and the claim subsequently denied. In these cases it is necessary to contact the hospital billing staff and request detailed description of medical services rendered for submission to the insurance carrier and ensure proper benefit coverage. Non Tri-care Beneficiaries are highly encouraged to take advantage of eBilling to mitigate long delays in the communication processes necessary to resolve potential billing issues.