Dental Care


Dental Care – On base


The Yokosuka Dental Clinic at USNH serves several shore commands and most of the dental specialists are located here. Specialties include endodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, oral surgery, orofacial pain, orthodontics, and prosthodontics. Highest priority for treatment is given to active duty, followed by family members of active duty personnel. Retirees, DOD civilians, and their family members are seen on a space available basis. This space availability is extremely limited and makes this service highly unlikely to be available for DOD civilians and family. Civilians should plan on procuring dental services on the economy of Japan. There are several American trained and accredited, English speaking dentists in the local area.

Dental Care – Off base

The below lists TRICARE Overseas Preferred Dentists in the Kanto Plain (Greater Tokyo) area. These offices are inspected annually by a Navy Dental Officer to ensure the quality of dentistry in a modern, safe, and clean environment. Almost every Japanese dentist in this network speaks English. The network includes many general dentists, orthodontists, and pediatric dentists.

Below lists additional dental offices with English speaking services in the greater Yokosuka/Yokohama area. Some of these dental offices have been used and suggested by personnel here in Yokosuka as alternatives to on base dental care.


Dental Care – On base

The Branch Health Clinic and the Hario Village housing Annex provide family practice health care and dental care for routine clinical services where doctors and family practitioners are available to address any healthcare needs. Dental care for DoD civilians and their families is subject to the same space availability rules as Yokosuka. Dental services are unlikely to be available to retirees, DoD civilians and their families.

Dental Care – Off base

Much like in Yokosuka, the below lists TRICARE Overseas Preferred Dentists in the Sasebo area. 

  • Ohgushi Dental Office
    678-3 Hiu-Cho Sasebo-Shi
    TEL: 0956-34-2063

Below lists additional dental offices in the greater Sasebo area. These offices are as listed on the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Japan website. Unfortunately web links are not available for these clinics.  

  • Bussaka Dental Clinic
    6-3 Shiomi-cho, Sasebo-shi 857-0834
    TEL: 0956-31-5921 FAX: 0956-34-5723
  • Ota Dental Clinic
    2-5 Wakaba, Sasebo-shi, 857-0833
    TEL: 0956-31-0914 FAX: 0956-33-7266
  • Dental Office Tanaka
    2-15 Tanigo-cho, Sasebo-shi 857-0027
    TEL/FAX: 0956-22-4793
  • SAZA Dental Clinic
    40-4 Momijigaoka-cho, Sasebo-shi 857-1153
    TEL: 0956-34-0808


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