Civilian Opportunities: SRF-JRMC Sasebo

Code 100CI (CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT) - Responsible for ensuring Continuous Improvement assessment, implementation, and evaluation actions are taken that are effective and consistent with overall Command improvement goals.

Code 106 (ENVIRONMENTAL, OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH BRANCH) - Provides Environmental Safety, and Health (ESH) technical oversight; this includes providing interpretations of standards, regulations and requirements. S106 provides workplace oversight and ESH training for SRF personnel, ship’s force, and contractor personnel. S106 provides Hazardous and Industrial waste services for SRF and contractors. Promotes SRF-JRMC Detachment Sasebo employee safety and health, and environmental stewardship through comprehensive programs in occupational safety and health, gas free engineering and industrial hygiene exposure monitoring, and environmental protection.

Code 109 (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & CYBER SECURITY) - Responsible for installation, maintenance and security of all information systems, software and technologies. Provides access and training for all users of information systems.

Code 130 (QUALITY ASSURANCE) - Conducts various inspections, some chemical analysis, mechanical testing, non-destructive testing, quality audits and compliance checks. Performs oversight on 20 Prime Contractors performing maintenance on U.S. Naval vessels in Sasebo. Also trends quality deficiencies to preempt serious problems and improve processes and programs.

Code 200 (ENGINEERING & PLANNING) - Provides engineering and planning services, HM&E Fleet Technical Assistance, logistics support, technical data and library services for the command, work control and testing for projects, and technical authority for ship modernization, maintenance and repair efforts at SRF-JRMC and within the Seventh Fleet Area of Responsibility (AOR).

Code 300 (WATERFRONT OPERATIONS) – Ensures the safe, satisfactory, timely, and economical accomplishment of all SRF assigned maintenance and modernization work in keeping the Fleet operationally ready through management of ship maintenance projects and continuous maintenance.

Code 900 (PRODUCTION) – Responsible for the safe, satisfactory, timely, and economical accomplishment of all SRF assigned maintenance and modernization work in keeping the SEVENTH Fleet operationally ready.

Code 1100 (ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES) – Responsible for the organization, implementation, and administration of all Administrative Services within SRF-JRMC, including manpower requirements for both military and civilians, security, general trainings, language training, accurate processing of time keeping documents and other documents affecting pay, daily correspondence, liaison with the servicing Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) and local Human Resource Office (HRO) as well as Navy Personnel Command (NPC) and other manpower offices.

C1200 (BUSINESS AND STRATEGIC PLANNING) – The Business Office is responsible for the oversight processes (operations, maintenance/repair, and modernization) required to support the commands mission. Responsible for business process improvement; strategic planning, development and direction as well as managing detachment’s financial resources.