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The FY-18 Standard Items and Standard Phraseology shall be invoked in work items not yet planned for CNO availabilities with an availability start date in FY-18 and in all other (CMAV and emergent) new procurements issued after 01 March 2017.  Work items that have been previously planned utilizing FY-17 Standard Items and Standard Phraseology, only need updated to reflect the FY-18 items that incorporate technical changes and/or are required by CNRMC.

FY 18 Release Letter Update One

FY 18 Release Letter

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The new, draft, Standard Item 009-BB is posted on the SSRAC website to facilitate feedback from the coatings technical community during the 2017 SSRAC meeting about the new document.  Standard Item 009-BB defines thermal spray nonskid (TSN) application requirements and is intended to be published as an FY-19 Standard Item in 2017. 

Understanding the draft Standard Item 009-BB cites requirements documents for thermal spray wire and a pending update to Military Standard 1687 that are not yet published, the NAVSEA goal for the 2017 SSRAC meeting is to have a complete package of published documents available to all parties for review.  As such, reviewers are encouraged to provide comments on the draft Standard Item 009-BB regarding:

1.  Clarity of the requirements (i.e., does the document clearly define the process requirements?).

2.  Achievability of the requirements (i.e., are there any requirements in the draft Standard Item 009-BB that cannot be achieved on the waterfront?).

3.  Adequacy of the requirements  (i.e., this subset of comments would come from the government and would be based on whether the (G) points are adequate to attain the required TSN performance?).

NAVSEA does not intend to discuss streamlining or relaxation of any requirements in the attached draft until the document has been published and used to successfully apply TSN to an Navy flight deck without NRL oversight.  To date, NRL has successfuly applied thermal spray nonskid to three ships and oldest installation is six years old and still in service.  As such, the challenge for the coatings community is to translate the successful installation processes conducted to date into requirements that contractors and waterfront QA/QC can execute to achieve the same level of success.

Please provide feedback to; Mark W Ingle, CIV NAVSEA HQ, SEA 05

 DRAFT_Thermal_Spray_Nonskid_Application; accomplish_NSI 009-BB.docx

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