Systems Measurement Platform

The Systems Measurement Platform (SMP) is a catamaran-type configuration.

The SMP is 192 feet long by 120 feet wide and drafts approximately 3-feet of water. Each leg of the catamaran is 75 feet long by 35 feet wide. A four-point bottom mounted mooring system ensures precision placement of the SMP and eliminates pontoon movement in winds to 30 knots. An overhead center span ties the two pontoons together and houses offices, workspaces, two laboratories (each 42-feet long by 22-feet wide), storage space, and a galley. The catamaran creates two test wells 75-feet long by 50-feet wide. The center span of the SMP forms a strong back for cranes (capacity 200 tons) from which transducer arrays are suspended. Test fixtures, systems, or equipment to be tested weighing up to 200-ton may be lowered from the exterior deck areas. Test ranges extend to the extreme limits of the lake and are accessible via a fully instrumented Remote Calibration Platform (self-propelled barge) with equipment handling and computer-based measurement system capabilities. The water depth at the SMP is approximately 460-ft. The horizontal separation available at the SMP is 200 feet as measured from the 200-ton rotator notch to the end of the light hydrophone boom. The distance from the SMP to an instrumented floating buoy north of the barge is 400-feet. Acoustic test ranges of 328 feet can be obtained locally at the barge using a 75-foot boom extending from the northwest corner of the barge. Deep-water maximum line-of-site separation on the lake for long range tests is approximately 5 miles.