Remote Calibration Platform/Test Barge Platform

Remote Calibration Platform

The Remote Calibration Platform (RCP) is a self propelled conventional barge 22.6-m (74-ft) long by 7.3-m (24-ft) wide with a draft of 1.8-m (6-ft). It has a van consisting of a fully instrumented test station, independent 200-kW diesel generator power source, a deck house consisting of a head, a galley, and an office. A 4,530-kg (5-ton) crane services the platform. The RCP was designed to be utilized throughout the lake region providing versatility and a wide range of test depths up to 0.2-km (650-ft).


Test Barge Support

Test barge and facility support is available from a 18.2-square km (4.5-acre) shore site. The site offers customer office spaces, a machine shop, equipment staging areas, docking facilities, and crane and forklifts to load boats and trucks. Inside and outside storage space is also available. Two barges (designated "lighters") are docked at the shore site. The self-propelled lighter barge is 36.6-m (120-feet) long by 10.1-m (33-feet) wide. It is used to transport large equipment to moored platforms on the lake. An 10-m (33-feet) long personnel boat, two enclosed-canopy explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) boats, and a Boston Whaler boat provide transportation between the shore site and the measurement platforms. Two workboats provide most of the hauling and act as tugboats at the facility. The workboats are 15.2-m (50-feet) long and 7.3-m (24-feet) wide and have a 7.3-m (24-feet) by 3.4-m (11-feet) cargo bay. A 74-feet landing craft has been modified to serve as a remote test platform for the facility with a fully automated test station, a 200-kW power generator, Amplifiers, Global Positioning System (GPS), and a limited lifting capability.