Facility Power

The facility at Seneca Lake has its own substation for electrical power. 2.2 megawatts (MW) of power is supplied to the Systems Measurement Platform (SMP) at near 13-kVac via an underwater cable. The high voltage is transformed to 60Hz power at 480-Vac, 208-Vac, and 120-Vac. Power is also available in 400Hz at 208-Vac and 115-Vac. Additionally, high voltage DC resources are available up to 5 kVdc.

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Heavy Lift Capability

The Systems Measurement Platform (SMP) was designed from the keel up as a heavy lift capacity platform. The 200-Mg (220-ton) derrick crane built into its superstructure provides the capability of deploying large test fixtures such as bow fixtures for submarines, surface ship or submarine sonar domes, or large towed bodies.

Smaller but faster 9,060-kg (10-ton) and 13,590-kg (15-ton) hydraulic cranes are the workhorses for the majority of the work accomplished at the site. Deployments of hydrophone line arrays or large low frequency sources are typically done throughout the year on the lake.

Many tests use 6.1-m (20-ft) to 18.3-m (60-ft) long stainless steel stringers or pipes available to deploy an item or specimen under test. This method can be used to reach to the bottom of the lake if required. Beam patterns may also be accomplished using this procedure.

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