The Systems Measurement Platform (SMP) and the Remote Calibration Platform (RCP) (either separately or together) can measure all acoustic parameters for all types of acoustic equipment from single element transducers to massive and complex arrays. Parameters measured include directivity pattern, transmit and receive sensitivity, characteristics, and impedances.

Online data reduction, resident on the SMP and RCP, allows statistical analysis and spectrum analysis and provides graphic and tabular output suitable for technical reports. The SMP and RCP can derive parameters such as power, voltage, current response, and directivity index. The SMP and RCP can also provide cable-connection factors. Data is available to customers in commonly used formats, including all digital formats.

The Seneca Lake Acoustic Test Station (SLATS) is a data acquisition system developed to meet the specific needs of the facility and its customers. At its core is a dynamic software program written in "C." The software program has served to provide maximum test flexibility and active user interface. SLATS is designed for versatility. The system can be altered quickly to meet any unique and/or changing requirements. The personal computer-based SLATS has a bandwidth from DC to 500-kHz. It can also be configured as a pure digitizer. SLATS can generate and receive acoustic pulses, continuous wave (CW), or noise signals.

The entire SMP measurement system is comprised of three individual test stations that are completely integrated and totally compatible. The full compatibility between the three measurement systems permits the use of distant platform separations for acoustic experiment and testing.